Floracause Services

Floral Fundraising

We provide flower bouquets for purchase at congratulatory events, primarily for schools’ graduations and dance studios’ recitals and competitions. While we can accommodate any special request and customize bouquets for your event, we typically offer the following products:

  • Full and Half Dozen Rose Bouquets
  • Mixed Bouquets
  • Mini-Bouquets
  • Leis (real orchids)

Benefits of our on-site service:

  • Fresh-cut, quality flowers
  • Convenient service for guests at the event
  • Affordable price ranges for all types of bouquets
  • Risk and hassle-free for school/studio
  • Two-Way Fundraising
    • Percentage of revenue goes to your institution
    • Percentage of revenue goes to a charity

Floral Decorating

We specialize in providing floral decorations for school and corporate events. Whether it’s a commencement/graduation, prom, award ceremony, gala, or corporate function we cater to all of your floral needs. Some of the products that we offer include:

  • Table Centerpieces
  • Stage Décor
  • Corsages & Boutineers
  • Podium Baskets

Benefits of our service:

  • Our policy is that we will beat any competitors prices...ALWAYS
  • For every arrangement sold, a portion of the proceeds goes towards a charity