Commencement Ceremonies

FloraCause is transforming graduation ceremonies across the nation with the introduction of philanthropic flowers.

Graduation flowers have been a staple gift for graduates for generations. The FloraCause mission is to add meaning and transform this traditional gift into a symbol of social consciousness and giving back to the community. One graduates success can mean hope for someone in need.

The process is simple: Our staff sets up on-site, displaying a variety of floral bouquets for the guests to purchase. We handle everything from setup to cleanup. At the end, a portion of the proceeds goes towards your school and one of our partner charities.

Experience Floracause - the Gift that Gives Back.

Benefits to Our Service

  • Raise money for your institution
  • Give back to a charitable cause
  • A convenient service for your guests
  • Affordable prices
  • Fresh-cut, quality flowers
  • And the best part...risk and hassle free for you!

Gift Options

We generally supply the following options, but can accommodate any special requests.

Floracause Rose Bouquets

Floracause Mixed Bouquets

FloraCause Leis

FloraCause Grad Teddy Bears